Dr. Oetker is the number one baking brand in Germany, where they’ve been making recipes with their products for over 125 years. These days, traditional recipe books are being replaced by mobile devices in the kitchen. Six out of ten hobby bakers now use a mobile device while cooking. But with many more mobile devices in the kitchen, the problem is their screens don‘t go particularly well with working hands covered in flour, egg, butter and chocolate etc.


The Backen App. The first baking app with touchless gesture control, to keep hands free for baking and screens free from mess.



The app was launched for Christmas, which is one of the most popular times for baking in Germany. Each recipe is brought to life by a series of short looping film steps. Once in the app, the user only has to push the BAKEMODE button within a recipe to begin the magic. Thanks to technology that detects the hand movement of the user through the device‘s camera, bakers are able to navigate a recipe like never before.